Lawrence Sherman, FACEHP, CHCP

Keynotes That Matter

Lawrence Sherman, FACHEP, CHCP has enlightened and delighted audiences around the world with his unique style blending humor and content.  Every presentation is unique, and made to meet the needs and expectations of the audience no matter who they are, what job or profession they have, or where they are from.

Presentations That Matter



Every presentation is developed de novo.  Lawrence carefully designs the presentation for maximal impact based on your unique needs!



Each presentation takes attendees on a journey through the customized content and story.



Using a blend of humor and learning science, each customized presentation is designed to have participants remember what they heard, saw, and felt!

A Fit for Every Audience


Each presentation will be developed to ensure alignment with those in attendance.  From executives to those in customer service, from healthcare professionals to educators, and from young to formerly young, the presentation will resonate.

Recent Presentations