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Improving the education of healthcare professionals around the world

A global, collaborative organization improving the knowledge, skills, and performance of educators in the health professions.

About Us

Small group workshop around innovation in healthcare professions education

What We Do

-  Assess systems and practices of educating healthcare professionals globally

-  Provide structured training in healthcare professions education throughout the continuum, from undergraduate through CPD

-  Faculty development workshops designed to improve communications and presentation skills

-  Give keynote and plenary presentations on topics including  Including the Patient in Medical Education, What Health Care Professionals Could Learn From My Mother: A Primer on Customer Service,  Innovation in Continuing Education, Assessment In CPD, Humor in Medical Education, Interprofessional Continuing Education and Faculty Development, and Optimizing Presentation Skills

-  Consult, engage, and lead the conversation about the inclusion, optimization, and role of CPD in the medical education continuum for all stakeholders

-  Research and practice in team-based education and Interprofessional Continuing Education (IPCE)


Cultural Sensitivity and Appreciation

All projects are developed collaboratively with local expertise and involvement.  We believe that it is hard enough to be competent in one's own culture, so it is incredibly important to be sensitive to all others.


Who We Are

Lawrence Sherman FACEHP, CHCP is Principal, Meducate Global, LLC, a Virginia, USA-based collaborative organization focusing on improving the knowledge, skills, and performance of educators of healthcare professionals around the world. Lawrence also works with the Association for Medical Education in Europe in International Development.  He was formerly Senior Vice President, Strategic Education at AGILE (Academy for Global Interprofessional Learning and Education), a Swiss-based global provider of interprofessional continuing education (IPCE). 

Core Services

The infamous selfie with Professor Ronald Harden before an AMEE Keynote presentation in Milan

Faculty Development and Support for Educators of Healthcare Professionals

Working independently as well as in collaboration with global organizations like the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) www.amee.org and Medutopia  https://www.mymedutopia.com/ provide structured face-to-face and digital education to improve  the competence and performance in educators  of healthcare professionals across the continuum.

Presentation skills workshop at the AMEE conference in Barcelona

Faculty Development: Communications and Presentation Skills Training

Work with healthcare professions faculty at all levels, and all others who are tasked with giving presentations to 10 or 10,000 people to maximize impact and minimize stress!  


Assessments of Healthcare Professional Education Systems Globally

Working independently and in collaboration with organizations like the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE), assess the status of healthcare professions education in systems around the world, helping to provide opportunities for improvement across the healthcare education continuum, from undergraduate through CPD. 

Contact Us

Collaborate With Us or Book Lawrence For a Presentation

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Talk with Lawrence about your conference, workshop, seminar or other meeting format, and how he can help reach and teach.  He is available to  give keynote and plenary presentations on topics including CPD, IPCE, humor in medical education, assessment in CPD, and refining presentation skills.  Having once been a stand-up comedian, and performed in a variety of venues including Carnegie Hall in New York City, he is sure to engage and entertain, as well as teach and reach audiences worldwide!  

Meducate Global

Fairfax, Virginia, United States